Since 1975, mind I have researched and practiced the classic art of silversmithing. Through the process of performing restorations and conservations on early metal objects, advice acquiring an understanding of the original working methods used by the masters of the art. This process has influenced the design, construction, and craftsmanship of my own pieces and a flattering abundance of historically accurate replicas of the works of many of America’s most noted silversmiths.

My first experiences with metalworking were as a machinist and metal plater where, obtaining knowledge about modern production which encourages quantity and speed, but also a detachment from the work being performed. I have chosen to work with and acquire knowledge of silver, bronze and brass pieces made prior to the industrial revolution. The insight gained from this endeavor has allowed me to understand and rediscover the soul of the work performed by the masters of yesterday; where the essence of the process is pride of workmanship and the care taken in the quality of each hand-wrought creation.

I am assisted by my son, Christopher Smithers, who is taking on the challenge of continuing my efforts into the next generation. The small workshop we’ve built with several friends, evokes this feeling of an earlier time. Every piece produced in this shop is unique in design, influenced by both the classic forms, and by my experiences exploring and rediscovering the nearly lost art of silversmithing

It has been my privilege to have the opportunity to share, teach and demonstrate my art extensively. Hammers, anvils, stakes, files and heat…. are the “tools of the trade”.