The American Craftsman Show in Ridgefield

This weekend, Nov. 4th and 5th, the American Craftsman Show is again taking place at the Lounsberry House in Ridgefield, Ct.

As you may have noticed, I will unfortunately not be showing our latest works there this year. It was a difficult decision to make, since I have been coming to Wilton, and more recently Ridgefield since 1991, but it seemed like it was the right time to take a year off. I will very much miss the opportunity to see so many loyal friends after all these years, but I hope and trust that our paths will cross again before long.

My son Chris and I have been working on a number of new pieces this past year, including brass chandeliers, silver cups and beakers, and silver flatware.  Wewill be putting these up on our website soon, and I hope you won’t hesitate to call or email with any requests or questions.

Thanks so much for all your support and kind words. Talk to you soon!

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